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From the start, Cartographies of Disease was that rarest of publications: an authoratative and instant classic. Since 2005 it has been widely cited in not only cartography and medical geography but also in epidemiology and public health. As a teaching text it has been used by instructors in a variety of fields, including medicine and nursing. The text balanced an historical perspective with a consideration of the manner in which mapping “profiles” diseases and their environmental constituents. From this perspective, mapping is and always has been the handmaiden of statistical approaches, bureaucratic necessities, and clinical concerns.

In this new, expanded edition the original text is updated and expanded to include a decade’s research and concerns. This includes two new chapters on the 2014-2015 Ebola epidemic in West Africa are included. That focus permits a discussion of new technologies in disease analysis and modeling that adds to what has been, from the start, a text that is at once contemporary and historical, practical and theoretical.