Journalism for the 21st Century:

Online Information, Electronic Databases, and the News
(NY: Praeger, 1991)

The sequel to The News as Myth, this book is about the news, the way it is written and the form it takes. It examines the relation between the content of public information and the potential affect of new technologies on the degree and type of information available in the public forum. Koch argues that new, compute-based technologies will revolutionize news and public information by fundamentally altering the relation between writer and news subject. He shows how electronic databases, by making enormous amounts of data on virtually every subject both available and accessible, have changed the equation which has defined news since at least the 1920s.


  1. "This is a thoughtful book, well-researched, with detailed analyses of the questions facing modern news organizations. . . Journalism for the 21st Century should become a standard text in journalism and library schools." Database, 1992. by Elizabeth Donovan, Miami Herald Research Manager.
  2. "Practical and useful, as well as academic, analytic, and historical." Preview, 1991.
  3. "Koch's book should be 'must-reading' for teachers of information gathering and public affairs reporting courses . . . additionally Koch provides the general reader with an engrossing account of how the new information technology alters the product as well as the methods of a profession." Joseph Bernt. Newspaper Research Journal, 1991.

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