Mirrored Lives: Aging Children and Elderly Parents
(NY: Praeger books, 1990)

"This book is an honest, moving account of 'the frustration of a family whose central member's life is progressively diminished by physical and mental impairment.' It chronicles the daily stresses of living with an aged, ill parent whose physical disabilities are heightened by loss of independence and self-esteem. The final chapter outlines a family plan for dealing with prolonged illness in an elderly relative. Beautifully written, this is one of the best first-person accounts of family caregiving. Highly recommended for both children and parents." Library Journal

"I found your book . . . almost unbearably concrete and candid. This made it painful to read but, of course, gives it its great value as an authentic document. It is a book which should be read by many people." Oliver Sacks, author: Awakenings, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

"A disturbing description of Life in the twilight zone, and a useful adjunct to the volumes available on death and dying." Kirkus Reviews

"Mr. Koch has a reporter's eye for detail, an ability to bring a scene to life, and has done an impressive amount of research around the issues of caregiving, family relationships, and defining ourselves as we live with others over time. Clinical Gerontologist

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